Royal Marines yomp across Dartmoor to mark Falklands anniversary

Marines from all over the country have also taken part in marching challenges, each marching 56 miles (90km) across three days.

Royal Marines from 42 Commando yomped across Dartmoor over three days to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Falklands conflict.

Across the country, Royal Marine Commandos have been marking the anniversary of the Falklands by replicating 45 Commando's three-day yomp across East Falkland.

Cadets and reservists have also been taking part in the fundraising event for the Royal Marines Charity.

Marines from other parts of the country took part in similar challenges – each completing the 56 miles (90km) across three days.

The Yomp Team from L Company, 42 Commando were joined by the remainder of Lima Company to yomp the final 5.6 miles from Yelverton to the Dewerstone.

Some of the Commando units across the country tackled the 56 miles (90km) in under three days, some ran the distance, some hiked it – it was all to honour those who served 40 years ago and to raise money for the Royal Marines Charity.