Marines complete three-day charity yomp to mark Falklands anniversary

Members of the Royal Marines Reserve Scotland were paying tribute to a famous chapter in the history of the Royal Marine corps.

A group of Marines have completed a three-day charity yomp marking the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War.

Members of the Royal Marines Reserve Scotland have completed a 56-mile trek around Fife in honour of the famous yomp completed by 45 Commando before the assault on the Two Sisters in 1982.

In the process, they also raised money for the Royal Marine Charity and awareness of the exploits of the marines who served bravely all those years ago.

Their journey started in Dundee along the coast from 45 Commando's home at RM Condor.

On their yomp, each of the marines carried a 25-kilo bergen – not as heavy as those who crossed the Falklands four decades ago but challenging enough.

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