Goose Green hero 'H' Jones' son describes loss of father 40 years ago

Rupert Jones later joined the army and recently retired as a Major General.

Lt. Col' H' Jones VC commanded 2 PARA in the Falklands War and died in the Battle of Goose Green.

Forty years on, his son, Rupert Jones, who followed in his father's footsteps by serving in the British Army, has recalled his memories of regimental officials arriving at his home and breaking the news to the family that their father had been killed. 

Maj Gen Jones said: "You've got all sorts of things going on. You've got the continuing media circus around this incredible feat of arms, and news was slowly coming through about what 2 PARA had achieved."

He added: "And then you've got your own grief. You barely even know what it is yet, but you've got that. And this sort of circus beginning to fizz around you of friends and family coming to lend support. And media. A lot of media turned up."