Falklands: Former SAS commander revisits scene of Argentinian surrender negotiation

The former Commanding Officer of 22 SAS during the Falklands conflict has returned to the room where he negotiated the surrender of Argentinian forces, revealing the truth behind the talks for the first time – from the building itself.

In his role, General Sir Michael Rose was assigned – two-and-a-half months after the invasion of the Falklands began – to hold talks with General Menendez, the Argentine military governor.

The building is now occupied by the Falkland Islands government and used for conferences, but Gen Rose tells of four hours of negotiations that marked its spot in history, whereby Gen Menendez started with a hard-line position and British representatives had to use bluff tactics to secure the liberation of the islands.

Gen Rose had already shown skill in negotiation, having been in command of the SAS unit that stormed the Iranian Embassy in 1980 and involved in related hostage negotiations.

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