Royal Marine in Snowdonia 2 201218 CREDIT MOD

Royal Marines Go On A Winter Walk Through Snowdonia

Exercise Winter Walker 18 prepares the Marines ahead of their training in Norway.

Royal Marine in Snowdonia 2 201218 CREDIT MOD

3 Commando Brigade close in on the summit of Mount Snowden (Picture: MOD). 

Royal Marines from 3 Commando Brigade have taken part in Exercise Winter Walker 18, a mountaineering expedition in Snowdonia.

The eight-day training package was undertaken prior to the Marines’ deployment to Norway in early 2019.

Royal Marine in Snowdonia 3 201218 CREDIT MOD
Marines are taught cliff assault techniques (Picture: MOD).

“Mountain training is a pre-requisite for all Royal Marines and attached ranks deploying to Norway,” said Colour Sergeant Cameron Smith.

“Mountain training ensures the necessary knowledge, physical and mental robustness to operate in the Arctic.”

Royal Marine in Snowdonia 201218 CREDIT MOD
Marines heard towards the summit of Mount Snowden (Picture: MOD).

Snowdonia’s rugged terrain provides the perfect environment to practise the Marines’ specialist skills, including navigation, casualty evacuation, river crossings and vertical assaults.

Lieutenant Simon Williams of the Royal Navy said:

“Snowdonia National Park provides a testing environment and re-enforces the commando ethos whilst also developing individual and team skills.”

Royal Marine in Snowdonia 4 201218 CREDIT MOD
Marines on the cliff edge (Picture: MOD).

Vertical assault training has been a mainstay of the Royal Marine experience since it was developed by Commandos in the Second World War.

Troops are learning how to pass vertical obstacles, such as mountain cliffs, without the knowledge of the enemy.

Royal Marine in Snowdonia 5 201218 CREDIT MOD
A 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marine abseils down a cliff (Picture: MOD).

Modern technology has evolved since then, but the fundamental principals have not.

Mountain training is carried out by the Royal Marines every year in North Wales and Scotland to prepare personnel for the harsh Arctic conditions of a deployment in Norway.