British Army's future infantry leaders prepare to debunk the Brecon myth

Watch: Union Division soldiers in Otterburn prepare for the Brecon courses.

Soldiers from the British Army's Union Division have taken part in a military training exercise to learn the necessary skills to become future leaders and attend promotional courses held in Brecon.

The Section Commander and Platoon Sergeants' Battle courses are both held in the Welsh countryside and it is where all infanteers must go to prove they have the qualities to lead troops on operations.

Due to Brecon's harsh landscape, combined with some of the UK's worst weather, it's become a place most troops revere, with a daunting reputation – hence the 'Brecon myth'.

To 'debunk' the myth, the young commanders of Union Division are attending a precourse in Otterburn, which aims to fully prepare them for the challenges they will face at the Infantry Battle School (IBS) in Wales.

Speaking about the reality of attending the leadership course in Brecon, Lance Corporal Mark Brebner of 2 Scots, said: "It's a lot of learning, it's a lot of teaching, but also be prepared to work very hard in some pretty arduous conditions.

"It is one of those things you have to get through, you have to go down there, you have to learn and if you want to progress, if you want to become a better soldier, you just have to get it done."

Union Div soldier exercise in Otterburn 22032023 CREDIT bfbs.JPG
The Union Division's pre training hopes to prevent soldiers being overawed by the challenges they will face in Brecon.

According to the Infantry Battle School's website, the courses being held in Brecon, deliver "trained officers and soldiers to meet the operational requirements of the Infantry, the Army and defence."

It also says that "training for high-intensity, light-role war fighting is the way soldiers and officers are prepared for any operational situation they may face – conventional war, counter insurgency, security sector reform, peacekeeping or supporting civil authorities".

"IBS delivers competent and confident commanders for the Field Army by running command and leadership training, infantry tactics training, weapons training, and live firing range qualifications."

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