RAF Chinooks train in Estonia on Nato's enhanced Forward Presence

Watch: RAF Chinooks train in Estonia on Nato's enhanced Forward Presence.

RAF Chinooks from 18 (B) Squadron have taken part in training exercises in Estonia as part of Nato's enhanced Forward Presence (eFP).

The helicopters supported Exercise Winter Camp, Estonia's biggest-ever winter exercise, transporting more than 1,000 passengers.

Supported by more than 100 RAF and Army personnel from the Joint Helicopter Squadron, the deployment also saw the Chinooks fly for roughly 220 hours and transport 85,000kg of freight.

Wing Commander Tom Carter, Commanding Officer, said the deployment "overcame significant challenges like the cold weather and long periods of darkness".

"Despite these challenges the team performed excellently, working with all our regional partners" he said.

"We have learnt an enormous amount about operating in the region which we will take forward to improve our capabilities in the future."

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