Retired police dog

The Retired Police Dogs Looking For New Homes

Retired police dog

RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus is home to police dogs, patrol dogs and canines that specialise in detecting drugs and explosives.

Two police dogs are now reaching retirement age and the Dog Section wants to find them both loving homes.

Flo, 8, and Ebi, 11, are cared for by Kennel Assistant, Nikki.

Both are very affectionate and love their cuddles!

The dogs have helped protect military personnel and assets since they were trained as police dogs from puppies.

As military police dogs, they have been highly trained to work alongside their handlers to track and take down criminals.

"All they are looking for now is a good sofa to curl up on, maybe not in Cyprus. But, just a bit of love. They've lived in kennels all their lives, so they someone to give them some affection and a nice retirement," says Nikki.

A common misconception with military dogs are that they are less affectionate than pet dogs.

They absolutely enjoy their work, but they switch off and are just normal dogs at the end of the day.

If you're interested, you can call the Akrotiri Dog Section on +357 2527 6023.

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