Donald Trump with Kim Jong Un during Hanoi meeting
North Korea

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Open To Third Summit With Donald Trump

The North Korean leader says he is open to further talks with the US President, despite leaving their last summit without a deal.

Donald Trump with Kim Jong Un during Hanoi meeting

US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un held talks in Vietnam in February (Picture: PA). 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he is open to the third summit with US President Donald Trump.

But Mr Kim set a deadline of the end of 2019 for Washington to offer mutually acceptable terms for an agreement to salvage the high-stakes nuclear diplomacy, the country's state-run media said Saturday.

The two leaders last summit, in Vietnam in February, ended without a deal.

Mr Kim made the comments during a speech on Friday at a session of the North Korean parliament, which made a slew of personnel changes that bolstered his diplomatic line-up amid stalemated negotiations with the US.

During the speech, he said: "We of course place importance on resolving problems through dialogue and negotiations.

"But US-style dialogue of unilaterally pushing its demands doesn't fit us, and we have no interest in it."

His speech came hours after Mr Trump and visiting South Korean president Moon Jae-in met in Washington and agreed on the importance of nuclear talks with North Korea.

US President Donald Trump has since spoken out on Twitter, saying "a third summit would good" and continues to reiterate their "excellent" relationship.

Kim Jong Un CREDIT North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as he left Pyongyang Station for the second summit with Donald Trump in Vietnam in February (Picture: KCNA).

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Mr Kim blamed the collapse of his summit with Mr Trump in February on what he described as unilateral demands by the US, which he said raised questions over whether Washington has genuine willingness to improve relations.

But he said his personal relationship with the American President remains good and that they could exchange letters at "any time".

The US has said the summit in Vietnam broke down because of the North's excessive demands for sanctions relief in return for limited disarmament measures.