Military Barracks for sale John Pye

Your Chance To Buy A Former Military Barracks

The Defensible Barracks in Pembrokeshire was originally built around 1844.

Military Barracks for sale John Pye

(Picture: John Pye Property).

A Grade II listed former military barracks in Pembrokeshire is going up for auction next month.

Built around 1844, the Defensible Barracks previously housed an army garrison as part of land defences for the Pembroke dockyard.

The first occupants of the Defensible Barracks were the Royal Marines from Portsmouth Division, followed not long after by two companies from the West Yorkshire Regiment.

Military Barracks for sale John Pye
The front of the barracks (Picture: John Pye Property).

Over the years, many different regiments were based in the barracks, ranging from the Pembrokeshire Artillery to the Royal North Gloucestershire Regiment and the 24th Foot, better known as the South Wales Borderers. 

The military eventually left the Defensible Barracks in the mid-1960s.

Now the property, with its octagonal shaped fort surrounded by a deep moat with masonry walls, is up for auction online.

Military Barracks for sale John Pye
The courtyard (Picture: John Pye Property).

The 45,000 sq ft property is located north of Pembroke, around 100 miles from Cardiff.

It sits on 4.45 acres of land and has been partially renovated, providing the potential for rental flats and holiday lets.

There is also a separate detached unit located towards the north-east perimeter of the site, with intended future use as a coffee shop or cottage.

The property also includes a former workshop building.

Military Barracks for sale John Pye
Inside the barracks (Picture: John Pye Property).

Reed added: "We anticipate there being a lot of interest in this building when it is offered to auction on November 21 and 22 with a guide price of £850,000,”

“There is ample space to develop the premises, to let the pre-existing flats and also to open a business in the separate detached unit.”

The property will be up for auction between 21st and 22nd November 2018 on John Pye Property's website.