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WWI Film '1917' Wins Three Oscars

Sir Sam Mendes’s First World War epic follows two soldiers tasked with carrying a message which could save hundreds of lives.

dramatic scene 1917 261119 CREDIT EONE.jpg

First World War film, '1917', has won three awards at this year's Oscars.

Following the journey of two wartime messengers, the movie won three technical categories - Best Sound Mixing, Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

Based on his grandfather's wartime stories from a different period in history, Director Sir Sam Mendes' '1917 won seven prizes at the BAFTAS last week, and two awards at the Golden Globes in January.

The film was shot on Salisbury Plain last year and follows two soldiers sent on a dangerous journey through enemy territory to deliver a vital message in a bid to save 1,600 soldiers.

The director wanted the film to show what soldiers went through, the sacrifices and the sense of believing in something greater than themselves.

The two lead actors George Mackay and Dean-Charles Chapman underwent five months of military training before shooting for the film began.

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Sir Sam Mendes was determined to tell the story after being told the story of his grandfather, Alfred Mendes, who enlisted as a 17 year-old and task tasked with transporting a message across No Man's Land.

Although the filmmaker admitted his grandfather's feats don't match up to his characters', Sir Mendes was keen to stress the importance of all who fought in the First World War.

"Every soldier's experience in the Great War was remarkable," he told Forces News as the film launched.

The epic was widely expected to win the Best Director and Best Picture prizes, but lost out in both to Bong Joon Ho's Korean motion picture, 'Parasite'.

'Parasite' made Oscars history as the first in a foreign language to win Best Picture.

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