World's Highest Ranking Penguin Gets New Recruit

Sir Nils Olav Brigadier of His Majesty the King’s Guard of Norway's new comrade could ruffle a few feathers.

Sir Nils Olav, Brigadier of His Majesty the King’s Guard of Norway's, new comrade could ruffle a few feathers.

Sir Nils is the highest ranking penguin in the world and currently resides in an enclosure fit for a Knight at his private Edinburgh Zoo Barracks.

But there is a new chick on the block...

Hatching, impressively on World Penguin Day back in April, a new Rock Hopper Penguin was born at Edinburgh zoo.

After hatching all new recruits have to stay in the penguin creche where they have to undergo basic penguin commando training which, if successfully completed, means the chick can then deployed to the main penguin military enclosure.

The new chick, who is currently only known by the code name Atlantic Hawk, has now passed out with flying colours and has made his grand entrance to the enclosure.

At first Sir Olav was a little wary, as the newcomer was making his entrance on the anniversary of Sir Olav's appointment as a brigadier.

He had also heard how there hadn't been a chick passing through the ranks like this in quite a while.

It has been eight years since a Northern Rockhopper penguin has hatched at Edinburgh Zoo and his obvious impeccable military timing, hatching on World Penguin Day, was something to be admired. 

However, after a slow start, senior officials at Edinburgh zoo have confirmed that both Sir Olav and Atlantic Hawk have now created a successful partnership and are about to start work on Operation Fish.

SPK (Senior Penguin Keeper) Dawn Nicoll said:

"The chick has taken a liking to scurrying over when Sir Nils calls". 

So, for now, Sir Nils is still head of the Penguin Army.