Abaco Island

British Citizen Rescued In Bahamas By UK Military Personnel

Abaco Island

A British citizen has been rescued by UK military personnel deployed to the Bahamas.

A Royal Navy Wildcat deployed with RFA Mounts Bay in the Caribbean conducted the rescue after the individual had become trapped.

They had been beneath rubble for several days on Great Abaco Island following Hurricane Dorian.

The search and rescue mission took place on Wednesday.

The person rescued was removed from the rubble and brought back to RFA Mounts Bay to be treated by the team of Royal Navy medics onboard and was provided with emergency medication before being airlifted to the Bahamas capital, Nassau.

The Wildcat also conducted a casualty evacuation of an American woman, her two children and a baby to the capital.

Since being asked to assist following Hurricane Dorian, Mounts Bay's Wildcat helicopter and Royal Navy personnel have been evacuating casualties, while Royal Engineers and Royal Fleet Auxillary have gone ashore.

Members of 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC have also been on board Mounts Bay preparing food and water to be transported to Abaco Island.

RFA Mounts Bay will stay near Great Abaco Island to provide further aid and assistance to local residents, instead of transiting to Freeport on Grand Bahama as previously planned.

The ship has been in the Caribbean since June in preparation for the hurricane season and was re-tasked last week to sail to The Bahamas in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian.