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World Youth Skills Day: Young People Take On Leadership Challenges At Sandhurst

The tasks were led by serving members of the armed forces and veterans.

The children took part in several challenging leadership and command tasks.

More than 400 young people were at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as part of World Youth Skills Day.

The children, aged between 12 and 16, took part in challenging leadership and command tasks led by serving members of the armed forces and veterans.

It is the second time Sandhurst has hosted the event.

Brigadier Mark Christie, Deputy Commander for Cadets, said: "It's a UN programme to try and raise youth development up the list of priorities so that young people have a better start in life when they leave school and move into the world of work.

"I'm hoping they're going to get something here that they don't get from school.

"So I'm hoping that they'll pick up on our approach to leadership, to teamwork, to communications - all of those things that we look for in our soldiers and our officers, but which we think have got good solid transferable applicability to many areas of life well beyond the armed forces."