The most senior member of The Royal Navy in Scotland says the world is watching to see how the newest ships in the fleet add to Britain’s Defence Capability.

With the relocation of submarines to Faslane and work on another new Carrier, 2018 is shaping up as a big year for the Royal Navy in Scotland.

Rear Admiral John Weale OBE says HMS Prince of Wales will:

"... revolutionise how the navy is taken forward in the future, how we're going to operate around the world... it's a tremendous step forward for the Royal Navy."

Trident and the Vanguard-class submarines are the Royal Navy’s most high profile presence in Scotland.

The Faslane Naval Base which is their home is set to expand welcoming more boats as it becomes the sole base of the submarine fleet by 2020.


Five hundred million pounds will be spent by the Ministry of Defence as the Clyde becomes the centre for specialisation. Not everyone is happy with the location of the Royal Navy’s nuclear fleet on the Clyde, however, with many opposed to the Trident fleet living north of the border.

Despite concerns over the future of the UK’s Defence Budget and a recent National Audit Office report highlighting holes in the defence budget, the Royal Navy continues through an intense period of construction with Scotland playing a big part.

The carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, assembled at Rosyth, left Portsmouth last week on helicopter trials.

The second of the new aircraft carriers, HMS Prince of Wales was recently floated for the first time at Rosyth while the new Type 24 and Type 26 frigates are also being built on the Clyde.