'Women are not small men': Uniform still among issues for women in defence

The founder of Women In Defence spoke to Forces News as the group celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The founder of Women In Defence says that, even decades after she joined the military, women are still struggling with "ill-fitting" uniform and equipment.

Angela Owen was speaking to Forces News about how far the Armed Forces has come in its treatment of women and, while there has been some "incredible work" towards equality, she said there was still "lots we need to change".

She said: "Women are not small men - ill-fitting uniform, ill-fitting equipment... That has got to change.

"I was commissioned a very, very long time ago - over 40 years ago. It was a problem then. Why on Earth is it still a problem? It is something that can be sorted.

"Can women really believe that they're not getting uniform that is their big brother's hand-me-downs?

"Women are shaped differently to men - not just different sizes but they're shaped differently to men...sort the uniform."

Ms Owen said harassment and bullying are also among the issues being discussed at a virtual conference, marking the group's 10th anniversary.