Police Tape

Woman Found Guilty OF Ex-Gurkha's Manslaughter

A 50-year-old woman strangled an elderly ex-Gurkha to death before imprisoning and assaulting his wife, a court has heard.

Police Tape

 A woman who strangled to death a former Gurkha before going to his home and attacking his wife has been found not-guilty of murder.

Sun Maya Tamang, 50, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Man Limbu, 75, who was found dead in his flat in Victoria Road, Aldershot, on 10 March.

Tamang was also convicted of causing actual bodily harm to Gayatri Devi Limbu, 48, at her home in Grove Road.

Tamang was found not guilty of false imprisonment at the conclusion of the trial on Monday and is due to be sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on 21 December.

Stephen Harvey QC, prosecuting, told the court that Mr Limbu was found dead by Tamang's children on the kitchen floor of their home.

He said: "When she was there alone, within a very short period of time of entering her flat, she had strangled him and he lay dead on her kitchen floor.

"Precisely why she did so may never become absolutely clear, that she did so is beyond any doubt.

"He was found there, where she left him on the kitchen floor, by her daughter and son when they arrived home from work."

Their mother had left a note which said in Nepalese: "This person came to the door, knocked on the door and this person attacked me and then I retaliated. My children are not to be blamed."

He said that Tamang then went to the home of Mr Limbu armed with a traditional machete-like Nepalese khukuri knife and a rolling pin where she let herself in with his keys.

When Mr Limbu's wife, Gayatri Devi Limbu, returned home, she attacked her and locked her in until police "fortunately" arrived to give the news of Mr Limbu's death.

Mr Harvey said: "She assumed that her husband had returned home before her and was inside, and had locked the door, so she called out to him.

"The door opened and she walked in, but she was immediately grabbed from behind by Sun Tamang.

"She went on to make repeated threats that she was going to kill Gayatri, and held her prisoner in her own home for many hours until the fortunate arrival of police later in the evening."