Will you miss smoking in the military? Results of our poll

The British Army is set to go tobacco-free at all of its sites in the UK by 31 December 2022.

The British Army has pledged to "extinguish smoking" in 2022 and become tobacco-free at all of its sites by the end of next year, and according to the majority of people who voted in a Forces News online poll, it will not be missed.

The Royal Navy is among other parts of the military to make similar changes in policy, prohibiting tobacco products on all ships and submarines, as part of a wider commitment across UK defence.

Across our social media platforms, we asked the question: Will you miss smoking in the military?

In our poll, conducted across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Forces News found a majority of people will not miss smoking in the military.

Across our platforms, 3,556 votes were cast.

Of the total number who voted, 2,052, or 57.7%, believed the British military is correct in extinguishing smoking and that it will not be missed.

This compared to 1,505, or 42.3%, thinking that smoking would, in fact, be missed.

UK defence has committed to a ban on tobacco products on all of its sites, building towards a smoke-free working environment in the next two years.

The 'Smoking and Tobacco Control Strategy for Defence 2017-2022' aligns the Ministry of Defence with Government efforts to reduce smoking while minimising the negative impact of smoking on operational capability.

The Government aims to reduce the percentage of UK adults who smoke from 15.5% to 12% or less and be smoke-free by 2030.