Wildcat lands on board HMS Queen Elizabeth

Wildcat Makes First Landing On HMS Queen Elizabeth

The aircraft carrier is now at sea off the coast of the United States to conduct flight trials.

Wildcat lands on board HMS Queen Elizabeth

It is the first time a Wildcat HMA2 helicopter has gone on board the aircraft carrier (Picture: Royal Navy).

A Wildcat helicopter has landed on board HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time.

The aircraft carrier will shortly be at sea off the coast of the United States, having arrived in Florida last week, to conduct flight trials.

The ship will be joined by HMS Monmouth during the trials, the Type 23 frigate acting as the carrier's escort.

Shortly after arriving in the US six sailors from HMS Queen Elizabeth were arrested, with two having tasers used against them.

Wildcat lands on HMS Queen Elizabeth
The carrier is in the US to conduct flight trials, known as 'WESTLANT 18' (Picture: Royal Navy).

HMS Queen Elizabeth will also be joined by a number of F-35B fighter jets during flight trials, and Merlin helicopters.

The trials will see two F-35 test jets conduct 500 takeoffs and landings from the £3bn pound carrier while she is at sea.

A US Marine Corps Major will join three British test pilots in conducting the first deck landings onboard the ship.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to be fully operational in her Carrier Strike role from 2021.

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