Captain Dean Sprouting

Widow Of Army Captain Killed By Forklift Collision Calls For Independent Investigation

Captain Sprouting died after being hit by the vehicle while jogging at the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq in 2018. 

Captain Dean Sprouting

The widow of Army Captain Dean Sprouting has called for an independent investigation into his death.

Capt Sprouting died after being hit by the vehicle while jogging at the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq on January 31, 2018. 

Serving with the Third Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, Captain Sprouting was helping to provide security for US forces at Al Asad Air Base on Operation Shader.

Two US soldiers faced charges following the collision, including negligent homicide, but they were dropped after an investigation by an American Brigadier General.

Capt Sprouting's wife, Linda Sprouting was sent a letter by US Ambassador Woody Johnson last month which said “no disciplinary action was deemed appropriate for the soldiers involved”.

Mr Johnson told Mrs Sprouting two US Army General Officers reviewed the case and “each, independently, determined that the facts did not support charging the US soldiers involved in this terrible accident”.

Mrs Sprouting has since said it was totally avoidable and the US personnel were negligent, and has now called on the Attorney General to re-open the inquest into her husband’s death.

"Had he been killed in combat, we would of course had to accept that. But he wasn’t," she said.

"He was killed in a crash and those responsible ran away from an independent investigation into what happened.

"We do not want any trouble. We just want the truth and we can then take things from there."