F35 on HMS QE Portsmouth pic 1 CREDIT Royal Navy.jpg

Why Is An F-35 Sitting On The Deck Of HMS Queen Elizabeth?

The F-35 aircraft will remain on HMS Queen Elizabeth until repair and maintenance work is complete.

F35 on HMS QE Portsmouth pic 1 CREDIT Royal Navy.jpg

One of the UK's F-35 aircraft has travelled back home on HMS Queen Elizabeth after developing a fault in the US.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said that after flight trials in the United States, one of the Lightning jets will need to undergo repair and maintenance work.

"Following completion of successful flying trials in the US, one F-35 Lightning remained embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth in order for repair and maintenance work to be completed," the spokesperson said. 

"The aircraft will return to RAF Marham in the near future."

The F-35 was unable to fly home from the US because of the technical problem.

The aircraft is expected to take off from the aircraft carrier in Portsmouth and fly back to RAF Marham once the fault has been addressed.

In a tweet, HM Naval Base Portsmouth dismissed rumours suggesting the F-35 could take off on Monday.

Cover image: Royal Navy.