Gavin Williamson with animals - Instagram

The Defence Secretary's Instagram Feed Will Leave You 'Feline' Good

Having a 'ruff' day? Look no further...

Gavin Williamson with animals - Instagram

Gavin Williamson told Forces News he has had "an amazing" first year as Defence Secretary.

His first 12 months in the role included a lot of trips abroad - from Kenya to Ukraine, a long-awaited Modernising Defence Programme (MDP) and plenty of meetings.

But despite all of that, Mr Williamson has always found some time to spend with animals.

The Defence Secretary himself owns a cat and a tarantula and is a self-confessed lover of dogs.

He is also a conservationist, patron of the World Owl Trust and member of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.  

He said: "I think conservation and the environment are such important things. 

"It's something that the Armed Forces have been playing an important role in, in terms of countering poaching."

We have taken a month-by-month look at the #AnimalsOfGavinWilliamson’s Instagram in his first 12 months as Defence Secretary…


November 2017 was Mr Williamson's first month as Defence Secretary.

He was chosen for the role on 2 November, and only 16 days later here he is, visiting the calves of Leafields Farm in Staffordshire.

Very versatail!


In December, he took a seasonal trip to visit a deer friend...


He may have been saddled with more responsibility since being appointed Defence Secretary, but he will always make time for horses...


This photo was actually taken in December, but it was just too cute to miss out. We're hoping Mr Williamson gets his pet falcon this Christmas.


March was time to visit King Julien... and his twin!


Remember the 'Beast from the East'? The military refused to be kept down by it, while these sheep were not quite so convinced - brrr ... or... baa.


As Mr Williamson mentioned in his interview above, the British Army is working hard to prevent poaching in Malawi.

In May he announced that the troops would be deployed to two national parks in the African nation.

A great excuse to spend some time with the lovely elephants at the West Midland Safari Park...


It was Mr Williamson's cat who took centre-stage last Fathers' Day apparently... Making the most of every mewment.


Mr Williamson's cat apparently showed an "unhealthy interest" in the guinea pig he was babysitting for friends, but he assured us it "has been returned safely"...


Of course, we couldn't leave out Mr Williamson's beloved tarantula, Cronus.


As Mr Williamson said, "who doesn't love dogs?"

Unfortunately, the Defence Secretary doesn't own a dog himself. He said: "Sadly, all the dogs I'm pictured with are not mine." 


And finally, in his 12th month as Defence Secretary, Mr Williamson visited some very cute kids - he just can't goat enough of these animals!

Will he get a goat pet?

Bonus Entries

Now in his second year, there's no sign of stopping... And that's why we leave you with three dogs and a rabbit.

You're welcome.