White Helmets display

White Helmets' Motorcycles Up For Auction

White Helmets display

Motorcycles that belonged to the White Helmets will go up for auction next month.

The British Army's motorcycle team performed for the final ever time last month, after 90 years of service, to allow for a period of "modernisation" for the Royal Signals regiment.

Six of the Helmets' Triumph 750cc motorbikes will be auctioned at Charterhouse Auctioneers in Sherborne, Dorset, with estimates set at around £5,000 per vehicle.

They will go under the hammer on November 16.

The display team say goodbye to their hometown of Blandford, September 2017.

The White Helmets formed in 1927, and were originally tasked with using their motorcycles to carry messages across the battlefield.

However, over the past nine decades they became well-known for tricks such as the 'Double Jimmy' - a homage to the Royal Signals' cap badge, the 'Charlie's Diamond' - a multiple bike cross over at speed, and the White Helmets' rite of passage, the famous 'Fire Jump'.

More recently their role was to promote the British Army and keep the Corps in the public eye.

White Helmets fire jump trick
The White Helmets were axed to allow the Royal Corps of Signals to be better suited to the digital age. Image: PA.

Cover image: PA.

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