Gurkha recruits in Whitby

When Gurkhas See The Sea For The First Time

Known as 'Dorso Kadam' or second step, it's when the recruits are taken out to learn about British culture and to practice their English...

Gurkha recruits in Whitby

National fish and chip day was celebrated by the Gurkha recruits - as they tried the Great British cuisine for the very first time.

The Gurkha recruits have been in Whitby, learning about history, practising their English, trying local cuisine and experiencing the sea for the first time as well.

In the thick sea fog at Whitby Abbey, the recruits started out with a tour around the ancient ruins.

Known as 'Dorso Kadam' or second step, it's when the recruits are taken out to learn about British culture and to practice their English with some of the locals.

Captain Peter McDougall, Officer in Command, explained what they will be getting up to on their trip:

"While they're here in the Abbey, they will do a series of reading, comprehension activities - so they'll be reading the notice boards, answering a series of questions and chatting with the staff to learn a bit about the history of the Abbey. 

"The army aims to achieve their entry-level three skills, in reading and writing - and level one skills in speaking and listening - which is the same as any other British soldier...

"It's a significant challenge for these boys from Nepal to reach these standards within the eight-week package."

Training Rifleman Starsun said the Abbey was a beautiful place.

"It’s a really great place a really beautiful place to visit – I can’t describe how beautiful it looks – I can’t take a picture to explain to my friends back home." 

Before heading into Whitby, the recruits had a chance to explore the gift shop.

Gurkha recruits in Whitby

Captain McDougall said by getting the recruits talking to the locals, it will help further their communication skills.

"Lots of speaking and listening to local people – lots of different accents, it really will develop those skills."

After speaking with the locals, he added:

"There’s been some phenomenal comments about the politeness, their behaviour and respect for the locals."

Afterward, it was time to try some British cuisine.

"We try and expose them to some of the local food - that's part of the culture and fish and chips is certainly something we try and get them to try. 

"It often turns out to be a bit too greasy and not something they really enjoy" 

Gurkha recruits in Whitby

But it seemed these recruits were pleasantly surprised by the dish - with some even going back for seconds.

To end their day in Whitby, they headed down to the beach.

Training Rifleman Tek Bahadur Limbu said:

"We do not find this kind of sea in Nepal - it's exciting to be here and take pictures and run in the sea.

Gurkha recruits in Whitby

He added:

"It's so lovely and It's very wonderful."

The recruits will now embark on their third and final cultural step to London.