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What's It Like To Grow Up In A Military Family?

Forces families have been sharing the challenges of growing up in a military family.

Young people from military families from all over Scotland have gathered for a special residential week.

The Tri-service Youth Forum aims to give them the chance to build friendships and highlight the difficulties of being part of the forces family.

Over 20 youths aged 12 up to 19 have taken part in the activities for the past few days.

For many, it was a chance to meet other children in similar circumstances to theirs.

"I think I feel a lot more comfortable with my military background, now I've spent more time with people I can relate to," said Isabelle, one of the participants.

"Don't judge a book by its cover," said Cody.

He says "people who are shy" often move around a lot which can impact on them making friends.

But when they do make friends, Cody says "it cheers them up".

Tri-Service Youth Forum military kids Credit BFBS 080719
Forces families experienced kayaking at Loch Lomond.

The week of activities has been organised by the Royal Caledonian Education Trust and the welfare services from all three branches of the military in Scotland.

Nina Collins, from the Royal Caledonian Education Trust, said there is "a real peer support in the room":

"Fundamentally they face the same challenges as each other.

"A lot of them don't feel like young people who aren't in military families really understand what it's like for them."

The week-long event also gives them the chance to make new friendships.

Jim Gellatly, of BFBS Scotland, spoke to some of those involved in the project. Listen to the interviews in the audio below: