What is the Sovereign's Parade?

The latest Sovereign's Parade has taken place.

Dating back to 1948, the Sovereign's Parade is held three times a year at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The ceremony marks the passing out of the Senior Divisions and their final parade.

There are three intakes over the course of the year at Sandhurst and all training Officers take part in the parade.

Cadets are inspected by the Sovereign, or her representative, and participate in a range of events in front of them and their honoured guests.

Guests are usually visiting dignitaries who watch the Sovereign's Parade alongside the families of those who are graduating.

For those taking part, it is a chance to be awarded prizes including the Sword of Honour, the Overseas Sword and the Queen's Medal for those who have excelled during training.

The parade traditionally ends with the Adjutant riding their horse up the steps of Old College following the graduating Officer Cadets through the Grand Entrance.

The Sovereign's Parade has been different for graduate soldiers in recent years as the academy has taken into account the need to maintain social distancing measures through the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch: Sovereign's Parade – more than 200 Officer Cadets commission at Sandhurst.

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