What Happens When You Take A Military Band On Exercise?

There was a musical element for British troops as they exercised in Denmark on Exercise Viking Star.

Fourth Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment invited their regimental band to join them on exercise in Denmark.

It's not the first time they've taken their band with them overseas. Last year they joined them in Lithuania and next year they hope to travel with them to the USA.

The musicians performed a series of popup concerts across the Danish capital.

Marching through the streets playing their instruments, they gathered passersby and lead them back for a free performance.

Captain Gary Clegg, the director of music of the Yorkshire Regiment's band, said they have been received well by the public:

"It's been a joy to come over here and work on behalf of the Yorkshire Regiment whilst they've been deployed.

4th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment band in Denmark Credit BFBS 11.10.19
The band played a series of free performances to the public in Copenhagen.

"We're very lucky to be able to represent the Army over here in Denmark and we've been fantastically received over here by the public," Capt Clegg added.

Many of the locals and tourists praised the bands performance saying they "very much enjoyed the good music". 

Lieutenant Colonel Greg Murphy, Commanding Officer, 4th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment, said: "It's pretty simple, we have a battalion coming over to Denmark, we have a reserve band - the band of the Yorkshire Regiment, who are fantastic musicians."

Although the entry-level for most reservist bands is Grade 6 - the band of the Yorkshire Regiment requires musicians to hold a degree in music.