What To Expect At This Year's RAF Cosford Air Show

An array of military aircraft will be on display at this year's show.

The organisers of RAF Cosford Air Show have unveiled their plans for this year's event, which includes a show of military might by the Typhoon.

This year's event on Sunday 9 June will also celebrate NATO's 70th anniversary.

Each year the air show attracts more than 50,000 visitors.

It is the RAF's only official airshow and it displays aircraft both on the ground and in the sky.

Group Captain Tone Baker, the Station Commander at RAF Cosford, said: "We're quite unique here in that we have a fantastic flying display and there's six hours of flying - which from start to finish is going to be absolutely action-packed, celebrating NATO aircraft as well.

"I think it's what happens on the ground that draws the crowds in - you get to interact with today's modern Royal Air Force."

RAF Cosford chinook BFBS 020419
Chinooks are expected to put on an air display at RAF Cosford Air Show.

The aircraft expected to display their abilities in the skies include the Chinook and the Typhoon - a multi-role aircraft that took over from the Tornado and is used in intense conflict.

Chris Warr, the press officer for the Chinook display team, said: "It manoeuvers in a way you would not expect an aircraft of that size."

On the ground, one of the military aircraft will include a Tornado GR4,which officially retired at the end of March after a career of almost 40 years.

The Typhoon will also take to the skies during the air show (Picture: MOD).

Flight Lieutenant Jim Peterson, a Typhoon display pilot, said the "best multi-role fighter in the world", the Typhoon, will be showing the crowds its capabilities:

"The Typhoon will be there going really slowly and also really fast - making a lot of noise but showing how amazingly agile it is as a fighter."

He added: "What I would say about the Typhoon display itself is that it's a lot tighter this year, so hopefully you won't be turning your head too much, it should all be in front of you."

Another highlight is likely to be the demonstration of freefall and canopy skills from the RAF's parachute display team, The Falcons.

The RAF aerobatic team, the Red Arrows, will also be putting on a colourful display in the skies.