Theresa May eating lunch with British soldiers in Kenya 300818

What Does The Draft Brexit Agreement Mean For Defence Personnel?

There are a number of practicalities for serving military personnel post-Brexit.

Theresa May eating lunch with British soldiers in Kenya 300818

Theresa May during a visit to British soldiers in Kenya (Picture: PA). 

Brexit throws up many questions in relation to defence.

What will the impact be on defence spending, our future defence capabilities and our global role?

This document doesn’t answer the big questions but there are some interesting points on the specifics and logistics.

What are the practicalities for serving military personnel post-Brexit?

From 29 March 2019 the UK will enter a 21-month transition period. During that time the UK will not head up any EU missions or provide the operational headquarters for them.

It will continue to contribute to the costs of the European Defence Agency, the European Institute for Security Studies and the European Union Satellite Centre.

It will be the same with regard to the costs of Common Security and Defence Policy operations.

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The transition period will end on 31 December 2020.

The UK then has six months to pay its pension liabilities for the personnel from those agencies plus any liabilities arising from the liquidation of the Western European Union.

Tornado jet taking off from RAF Akrotiri 021117
RAF Akrotiri will not be affected by changes to import and export regulations (Picture: Crown Copyright).

When it comes to the import and export of goods for use in the Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) there will be some changes.

The SBAs will be part of the customs territory of the EU, meaning imports will have to enter Cyprus through the civilian air and sea ports and will be subject to customs controls and import duties.

The same will apply to goods being exported.

This will not apply though to goods being imported or exported for military purposes.

Personnel carrying in goods for their own use are also exempt. 

What will Brexit mean for defence?

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There is a change for parcels being sent to personnel and families in Cyprus from the UK.

It seems on arrival those goods will have to be sent to a customs post in the Republic of Cyprus.

They will then be subject to the completion of customs formalities and the collection of import duties.

That will be carried out by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.