Andy Grant

What To Do When You Lose Your Leg And Your Tattoo Mocks You

Ex Royal Marine Andy Grant tragically lost his leg after standing on a mine in Afghanistan.

Andy Grant

As a huge Liverpool fan, ex Royal Marine Andy Grant chose to have the words of the club's famous anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ tattooed on his leg.

He was deployed to Afghanistan on Op Herrick soon after getting inked and during his tour, he was blown up by a mine and had to have his leg amputated - the leg with his tattoo on.

After his operation, Andy looked down at his tattoo to find this...

Andy Grant

But Andy wasn’t about to let that prophecy come true and he is now the fastest amputee over 10km in the world.

After the injury altered his tattoo, he was approached by the E4 programme tattoo fixers:

“Tattoo Fixers approached me and asked if I would like my You’ll Never Walk tattoo fixing. I thought the story was funny and didn’t actually want it changed, so instead I opted for an Invictus themed tattoo that read, ‘I am the Master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul’”.

“It fitted with me as despite the loss of my leg I believe life is what we make of it and we are in control of our destiny.”

His now ironic tattoo isn't the only ink that this ex-military man has. 

“I had the last post tattooed on my back just after my tour of Afghanistan in 2009 which happened to be the deadliest year for British Troops in Afghan.”

“This was my small way of paying respect to those that had made the ultimate sacrifice and to remind others we must never forget them.”

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