What Do RAF Personnel Think Of 'Journey's End'?

The WWI drama that goes deep into the trenches has been previewed at RAF Halton...

A First World War drama that goes deep into the trenches has had a good response from servicemen and women from RAF Halton.

‘Journey's End’, a stage classic, has been turned into a film, and it was previewed for free at the military base in Buckinghamshire in a special Forces Cinemas screening, ahead of its general release on Friday 2nd February.

Jennifer Holdford, who organised the event, said: 

"Forces Cinemas provide military locations with the latest film releases and the link between Journey’s End and the original World War One trenches at Halton presented a perfect opportunity.

"We were able to work with Lionsgate to not only support the military community with a free screening two days before the film’s release, but were also able to help raise the profile of the heritage at RAF Halton."

Set in the trenches of Northern France in 1918, the film tells the story of British soldiers they wait foror an imminent German attack.

‘Journey’s End’ follows the ups and downs of the emotions the soldiers face as the days tick by, tension mounts and an attack draws ever closer.

Forces News spoke to the film's producer, Guy De Beaujeu, about the special screening: 

"We lived in the trenches ourselves where we shot the film - and I'm pleased to see that they look quite similar.

"Warfare hasn't really changed an awful lot over the last 100 years, and it's a contemporary story as well as being one that's rooted in our past.

"It's essential that we don't forget that warfare is really awful, and we shouldn't do it". 

Journey's end
Image: Lionsgate.

The base is home to the oldest restored trenches which date back to 1915, and so it has a deep affiliation with the film.

Producer Guy De Beaujeu and Executive Producer Steve Milne were both brought up in a military family and say this is a film they always dreamed of producing.

They were also proud of screening it early on a military camp stoked in so much history.

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