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Welsh Company To Provide Electronics For Army’s Boxer Vehicles

MilDef will provide rugged electronics for the Army’s Boxer vehicles which are expected to start entering service in 2023.

Boxer Vehicle by British Army DATE UNKNOWN used on 060121 CREDIT British Army.png_.jpg

A company based in South Wales is to provide electronic components for the British Army's next-generation armoured fighting vehicles.

The Boxer fleet will be fitted with rugged electronics, such as Crewstation PCs, servers and ethernet switches, by Cardiff-based MilDef.

It comes under a £20m sub-contract awarded to the Welsh defence electronics company by RBSL (Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land) and Rheinmetall.

The United Kingdom decided to re-join the Boxer programme in 2018.

Since then, £2.8bn has been committed to the delivery of more than 500 vehicles to the Army.

"The British Boxer programme has continued at pace this year despite the significant challenges that 2020 has set us," said Major General Darren Crook, Director Land Equipment for Defence and Support.

WATCH: Forces News got the chance to look at the Boxer vehicle up close in 2019.

Four different variants will make up the fleet: an infantry carrier, a specialist carrier, a command vehicle and an ambulance.

Most of the vehicles will be built in Telford and Stockport by RBSL and WFEL, who are the main contractors.

The Boxer is set to become the new British Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) and is an 8x8 wheeled, all-terrain, armoured transport vehicle. 

Its unique and flexible ‘Mission Module’ architecture can be configured in multiple formats and changed in less than an hour in the field, ensuring it can be deployed rapidly in a variety of roles across different operational environments.

The first vehicles are expected to enter service in 2023.

Cover image: The Boxer armoured fighting vehicle (Picture: British Army).