Peregrine Falcon Rescued By Navy Returns To Skies

An animal rescue worker says the falcon had "quite likely" been involved in an altercation with a similar bird.

The world's fastest animal has been released back into the wild in Portsmouth, after the Royal Navy came to its rescue.

The peregrine falcon was spotted in the Solent by personnel, close to HMS Excellent on Whale Island.

Animal rescue workers believe it may have been involved in an altercation with another bird of prey.

The falcon has since been nursed back to full health by a local wildlife hospital, after a long journey.

"The Royal Navy were near to the base and they found a peregrine falcon in the water, struggling – obviously once the bird becomes waterlogged it can no longer fly," explained Paul Reynolds, Hospital Manager at Hart Wildlife Rescue.

"They managed to get the bird out of the water and then they called the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)," he added.

"The bird had multiple puncture wounds on the upper back and wing – associated with a negative interaction with another bird of prey, quite likely another peregrine falcon."

Paul Reynolds from Hart Wildlife Rescue setting the rare bird free.

The RSPCA workers were surprised to discover the bird was a peregrine and passed the bird of prey onto Hart Wildlife Rescue.

An assessment at the hospital and a treatment plan followed, according to Mr Reynolds, who said the Navy is not unfamiliar with nature encounters.

"There was a deer stuck in the base as well," he said.

"Wildlife is all around here and the Navy and other military groups often are the ones that come across them."