WATCH: Weather Forecast For UK Military Bases

The latest weather forecast for military bases across the UK.


Southern UK mostly dry, many other parts more changeable.


Most of southern UK and Scotland dry with sunny spells. Some heavy showers in the far west of Wales and Cornwall. Many other regions cloudier with some rain at times, especially northeast England. Less windy than yesterday and feeling chilly.


Southern UK and much of Scotland and Northern Ireland cold with frost and fog patches. Elsewhere, cloudier and less cold with rain at times for some, mainly northern England


Much of Scotland and Northern Ireland brightening up after early rain. Southern UK mostly fine again. In-between, cloudier with rain at times, mainly parts of northeast England and southeast Scotland.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Rain clearing the east then Monday largely fine and dry. A widespread overnight frost followed by rain into the west Tuesday. Becoming windier and milder Wednesday but for many dry.