Russian missile Palmyra

WATCH: Russia Launches Missiles Against Islamic State Targets In Syria

Russian missile Palmyra

Image courtesy Russian Defence Ministry.

Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea have fired four Kalibr cruise missiles at so-called Islamic State positions in Syria.

The Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that the Admiral Essen frigate and the Krasnodar submarine launched the missiles at IS targets in the ancient city of Palmyra.

It said the missiles successfully hit IS heavy weapons and fighters whom the group had deployed and moved to Palmyra from its stronghold of Raqqa, the de facto capital of IS and its self-proclaimed caliphate.

All targets were allegedly destroyed in the attack.

The ministry said it had notified the US, Turkish and Israeli forces beforehand of the coming strike, but has not confirmed when they took place.

It added the Russian strike was promptly executed following the order, showing the navy's high readiness and capabilities.