Watch: Royal Navy releases moving film highlighting sacrifices made by personnel at Christmas


The Royal Navy has released a short film highlighting the sacrifices made by deployed personnel and their families when they're apart at Christmas. 

The poignant film, which is nearly two minutes long, aims to depict what Navy families go through every year and especially over the festive season.

Thousands of sailors and Royal Marines remain deployed around the UK and on global critical operations during the Christmas period.

Serving sailor Petty Officer Sam Quinn and his partner are the focus of the film.

It shows the couple going about their separate Christmas Day without each other, with Petty Officer Quinn only getting time for a quick phone call.

The heartfelt film ends with the message: "No matter where you are this Christmas... thank you."

The video is the brainchild of Petty Officer Photographer Dan Shepherd, who also helped create it.

He came up with the idea by reflecting on his experience of spending Christmas away from his family in 2013, while he was deployed to Afghanistan as a Royal Marine. 

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