WWII bomb safely detonated off Devon coast

WATCH: Royal Navy Detonates Large Unexploded WW2 Bomb

WWII bomb safely detonated off Devon coast

The bomb was safely detonated off the Devon coast (Picture: Royal Navy/HM Naval Base Devonport).

A town was evacuated as the Royal Navy safely detonated a Second World War bomb found off the coast of Devon. 

It was discovered by a man and his nephew whilst scuba diving in Teignmouth, Devon.

Areas of the town were evacuated as a bomb disposal unit from HM Naval Base Devonport went out to sea to safely detonate the explosive.

A 500-metre cordon was also put in place as police advised the public to avoid the area.

James Cunningham, 19, came across the device when diving with his uncle on Monday evening.

Having first thought the huge object was a container, a closer inspection led him to realise that it was in fact far more dangerous.

Mr Cunningham said they then quickly swam to the surface and contacted the authorities.

Unexploded WW2 bomb in Teignmouth
The device was a 1,200kg German bomb that was 70x26 inches long (Picture: SWNS).

James, of Bishopsteington, Devon, said: "I could see it from quite a distance and it was about the same width as my arm span.

"At first I thought it possibly looked like some sort of container that was covered in rust. Only by looking a bit closer we then discovered that it was in fact a bomb.

"We swam away post-haste and went back to shore to contact the police.

"I had taken a bearing so I was able to go back out with the Navy this morning to show them exactly where it was.

"I scuba dive regularly around the coast of South Devon but have never come across anything like this before."

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