WATCH: Royal Marine Reserves Earn Their Green Beret

They have day jobs on civvy street and take on one of the world's toughest training regimes in their spare time.

Royal Marine Commandos must complete more than 30 weeks of basic training before they can earn their coveted green beret. It's reckoned to be toughest initial training for any troops in the world. The day they finish at the Lympstone training centre they're ready to face combat.

Royal Marine training

So how do Royal Marine Reserves match up to their regular colleagues? They have fifteen months of gruelling training which they must fit in around their regular civilian jobs. Then they face the same tough tests before they can call themselves Commandos, including the thirty mile trek across Dartmoor carrying a thirty pound pack which must be completed in eight hours. 

Royal Marine training
Climbing ropes and crawling long them are essential skills

If they can master the notorious assault course at the Royal Marine Commando Training Centre at Lympstone as well as the punishing dash across Dartmoor they'll be presented with a green beret and its globe and laurel badge.

Royal Marine training

It marks them out as a member of an elite force recognised around the world. Each newly-qualified recruit will also join the family of commandos who'll regard him as a brother throughout their lives. 

Royal Marine training

Many of the Reserves will go on to serve alongside their regular colleagues on deployments and exercises in far-flung locations.