WATCH: New Army Missile Completes Successful Firing Trials

The Land Ceptor has been developed to protect troops from aerial threats.

The British Army has released details of a new air defence missile following trials close to the Baltic Sea on a Swedish test fire range.

Land Ceptor is set replace the Rapier system used by the Royal Artillery. The missile will undergo further development and trials before it enters service in the early 2020s.

Developed by MBDA, Land Ceptor can be launched in quick succession to engage as many as eight different threats at once, even if obstacles such as trees and terrain are in the way.

Land Ceptor follows the Defence Secretary's recent announcement of Sea Ceptor entering service with the Royal Navy.

Gavin Williamson said: "In the face of intensifying threats, it is vital that our Armed Forces have the capabilities to keep Britain safe.

"Land Ceptor will be a formidable battlefield barrier, protecting our troops from strikes and enemy aircraft while on operations."

Land Ceptor will at the heart of the British Army’s Sky Sabre air defence system and will equip 16th Regiment, Royal Artillery.