WATCH: Latest Weather Forecast For UK Military Bases

The latest weather forecast for military bases across the UK.


Mostly sunny today and tomorrow, but some rain for Scotland.


Low cloud and fog along North Sea coasts mostly clearing. Warm sunny spells for much of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with isolated showers. Heavier, potentially thundery, showers for central and southern Scotland and more persistent rain across northeast Scotland.


A dry and chilly night for much of the country with some long clear spells, leading to isolated fog patches by dawn. Cloudy across northern Scotland with patchy rain.


Dry with some good sunny spells for many, although cloudy across northern England for a time. Warm in the sunshine. Cool, cloudy, and breezy with some rain across northern Scotland.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Outbreaks of rain in the west on Thursday. Drier and brighter elsewhere. Scattered showers on Friday and Saturday, but longer spells of rain in the west. Warm in any sunshine.