WATCH: Latest Weather Forecast For UK Military Bases

The latest weather forecast for military bases across the UK.


Generally cloudy, grey and damp, but sunny spells in northwest.


A rather cloudy start with patchy drizzle. It'll become drier through the day with perhaps some bright spells. The best of any sunshine will be to the north and west of any hills, and here it could be exceptionally mild.


It'll be a cloudy night for many, with fog over hills, and some patchy drizzle at times. Some clear spells in the north and west, and perhaps the southeast later.


Low cloud and patchy drizzle will tend to clear through the morning, with many areas eventually seeing plenty of sunshine. In sheltered northwestern parts it could again be exceptionally mild.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Sunny for many on Sunday away from the northeast. Cloudier Monday and Tuesday with showers spreading from the east, these wintry on northern hills. Becoming colder, accentuated by strengthening winds.