Royal Marines

Watch: Emotional moment Royal Marine veteran awards son green beret

Former Royal Marine Lee Spencer said he was "teary-eyed" as he presented his "little boy" Billy with the beret.

Former Royal Marine Lee Spencer has presented his son with his green beret, describing it as a "once in a lifetime proud Dad moment".

Lee, an amputee who holds a world record for rowing across the Atlantic solo, presented his "little boy" Billy with the beret after he had completed his final test - called the 30-miler - to become a Royal Marine Commando.

Mr Spencer told Forces News: "I had a bit of a lump in my throat, a bit teary-eyed, a little bit.

"In that moment, I think it changed from being my little boy, when I saw him finish his 30-miler because he's a big lump, he’s 6’3, so he's a bit taller than me.

"He looked every part a Royal Marine.

"It was such a privilege."