British troops have joined celebrations in Estonia as the nation marks 100 years of independence.

Soldiers who make up the Enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup were among a series of NATO allies to take part.

The United States, France and Demark were among other countries represented - the latter also currently in Estonia with the NATO battlegroup.

Around 800 British soldiers from 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh are currently deployed to Estonia, leading the multinational battlegroup.

They took over from 5th Battalion The Rifles, which had been in the country since March 2017.

More than 1,000 attended a military parade in the capital Tallinn, where the Baltic country's separation from Russia in 1918 was marked.

During World War Two, Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union and Germany.

It then was retaken by the Soviet Union, before independence was restored in 1991.

Estonia indepedance day
More than 100 pieces of military hardware were on display.

Images and video courtesy: Lucy Thomas.