WATCH: British personnel arrive in Kabul as Afghanistan crisis unfolds

The Ministry of Defence has released footage showing Armed Forces personnel arriving in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital.

Troops are being deployed as part of Operation Pitting, to assist with the evacuation of UK nationals and former British staff eligible for relocation under the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy (ARAP).

About 600 personnel will be part of the additional deployment.

It comes as a recent Taliban surge has reached Kabul, reportedly followed by the departure of President Ashraf Ghani from the country.

The militant group have demanded the Afghan government surrender, despite officials' hopes for successful talks in Qatar and an interim administration agreement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said Britain will work with allies to try to prevent Afghanistan again becoming a "breeding ground for terrorism".

The Home Office said on Sunday it had "already resettled over 3,300 Afghan staff and their families who have worked for the UK".

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