After more than 70 years, Joanna Chorley has finally be presented with a commemorative badge In recognition of her role as a code breaker at Bletchley Park.

Joanna joined the Women's Royal Navy Service (WRENS) at just 17-years-old and went to work at Bletchley Park, working as an operator for Colossus, the computer developed to help decipher German encrypted messages.

Until now, Joanna had never received recognition of her work because she had moved away after the war with no forwarding address.

Now in her 90s Joanna is living in a care home and when managers heard of her story they contacted GCHQ and Bletchley Park to ensure she received recognition.

 Bletchley Park Veteran Finally Gets Recognition After More Than 70 Years

Speaking of her time at Bletchley Park, she said: “At the time it seemed to be just a job… A peculiar job but just a job!

“Colossus was just heaven as far as I was concerned, being allowed to play with this one.

“Quite honestly, to be given something for what I did, it seems to be a bit over the top really because there was an awful lot of us.

“There’s not many of us left now, but there [was] an awful lot of us and some people did really important things – I mean, I was a mere, smear nothing.”