Amari Airshow: NATO Allies Show Off Aircraft In Estonia

The event celebrated two milestones for NATO and the Estonian Air Force.

An airshow involving more than 20 aircraft from NATO allies and partners has taken place in Estonia.

The event celebrated two milestones - marking 70 years of NATO, and 100 years of the Estonian Air Force.

But it also gave the public the chance to explore a range of aircraft.

NATO's only aircraft, AWACS, used for surveillance, has been grabbing the attention of the visitors, as well as Britain's Apache helicopters.

Wildcat helicopters were also part of the show, soon preparing to return home to RNAS Yeovilton, having been on Exercise Baltic Protector.

Amari Airshow BFBS

Despite being at the airshow, British Typhoons who are still on its policing operation in the Baltics, had to make a swift exit to complete a training sortie. 

Wing Commander Dave Boreham, Commanding Officer from 121 Exhitionary Air Wing, said:

"We're on a heightened readiness state, once we get that call from our air operations centre, then the horn will go and we'll get airborne very quickly.

"Even though there's an airshow, that's all coordinated, the host nation and the base knows that we will be prioritised and will go off and do what we need to do."