Floods: British Soldiers Prepare To Continue Relief Efforts Throughout The Night As Rain Persists

Up to 100 troops are continuing to assist in flood relief efforts in Yorkshire.

Up to 100 British soldiers from the Light Dragoons are continuing to assist in flood relief efforts in Yorkshire.

Further rain is forecast in some areas, with the Met Office warning South Yorkshire and Derbyshire should expect up to 45 millimetres by Thursday evening.

Soldiers have been bolstering flood defences to homes in and around Doncaster.

Lieutenant Elliot Black, from the Light Dragoons, said personnel were prepared to work through the night in order to protect homes.

More than 800 properties across parts of England have been affected by flooding so far, with the Met Office warning of more rain on the way.

Personnel from the Light Dragoon have also been assisting the fire service to help regain the power to some of the worst affected areas.

The Environment Agency said further wet weather over the next 48 hours could bring "severe" flooding to areas already affected by rising waters.

British personnel have been deployed to help since the weekend when an RAF Chinook crew helped to bolster flood defences in the Bentley area of Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

In addition to the troops working as part of the flood relief effort, a further 100 remain on standby.

Ken Hayes, a Fishlake resident, said the involvement of the military was "reassuring".

"When it happened on Friday night into Saturday, we were on our own," Mr Hayes said.

"Now you know you've got people to help us if you need it."

Soldiers have already worked to protect an electrical substation in Doncaster, as well as other flood defence work.

Rivers in Bentley remain at risk of overtopping with personnel from the Light Dragoons sandbagging the area.

Sergeant Major Steve Fife, from the Light Dragoons, told Forces News: "The houses are still a metre underwater, some of them.

"It's devastating, it's really sad.

"We've got a list of tasks to do, Fishlake being one of the highest priorities at the moment.

"Once we've got all the sandbags into place, we have got teams going round individual parts of the country."