Wanted: Former Patrons Of Abandoned Cold War Cinema

A British university academic is trying to track down ex-servicemen who were stationed in northwest Germany during the 1950's to share their memories of a cinema that has been rediscovered at an army barracks.

Former Oldenburg barracks in Germany is converted into flats
The former Army barracks at Oldenburg is being converted into flats

When it opened in 1954 the Globe was one of the biggest cinemas in Oldenburg with 405 seats. It was built using the most modern techniques and technology at the time. Local artist Michael Olsen is trying to raise funds to restore it to a working condition.

"The acoustics in this place are fantastic and it’s a perfect lecture room”

Abandoned cinema at former army barracks in German city of Oldenburg

The Globe was designed to offer a range of entertainment for troops. As well as a cinema, it also had a stage and an orchestra pit for theatrical performances.

Globe cinema sign

Dr John Goodyear, who is a German language teaching fellow at the University of Birmingham is involved in the project. He used to teach in Oldenburg and is writing a book about the Globe.

"It looks as if not much has been altered so you get this feeling we're in 1950's Britain"

The 405 seat Globe was among the biggest cinemas in the German city of Oldenburg
The 405 seater Globe was among the biggest cinemas in the German city of Oldenburg

British troops left Oldenburg in the late 1950's but Dr John Goodyear would like to hear from personnel and military families who served and lived there. He can be contacted by email [email protected]

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