Vintage Hawk Grabs A 'Lift' From RAF Chinook To New Home

Hundreds watched a Chinook airlift the jet to its new home.

A Chinook from RAF Odiham has airlifted a vintage Hawk jet to its new home in an airfield museum.

In a scene unlike any other, several Chinook personnel, who were involved in the recent Whaley Bridge Dam crisis, airlifted the Hawk at Boscombe Down and headed towards Old Sarum Airfield.

The XX154 was a pre-production Hawk model and will now be on display at the Boscombe Down museum.

Retired Squadron Leader John Sharpe, from Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, was happy to see the jet arrive: "It’s got an incredible history.

"It spent its time up at Boscombe as a trials aircraft and for us to have it is fantastic."

Hawk airlifted by chinook credit BFBS 220819
RAF personnel transported the Hawk from RAF Odiham to the Old Sarum Airfield in Wiltshire.

The Hawk was first flown at Dunsfold, Surrey on August 21, 1974 - which meant the airlift on Wednesday marked its 45th birthday.

Once the aircraft landed at the Old Sarum airfield, it was then towed by a machine that was once used to lift bombs into airplanes.

The machine named Wendy has been repurposed into a tow truck.

Sergeant Kelly Fitzpatrick, a crewmember from 27 Squadron, said it is not uncommon for them to transport a range of machinery.

"They could be taking anything from the ballast that we saw recently at Whaley Bridge to 105 guns, other aircraft and even ourselves," she said.

The Hawk will now be on display alongside a variety of airframes and artifacts which showcase the history of Boscombe Down.

Hawk airlifted by chinook credit BFBS 220819
The crew carefully flew the Hawk to reach its new home, more than 40 miles away.