Creative Force veteran artists during their photo shoot..
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Creative Force: The Project That Helps Veterans To Find Peace Through Art

Creative Force veteran artists during their photo shoot..

Veterans Nick Martin and Angus McLean have benefitted from Creative Force.

Sick and injured veterans are finding therapeutic benefits through artistic expression as part of a military charity programme.

Ex-military personnel suffering from the mental and physical effects of war have turned to 'Creative Force', a Help for Heroes' programme.

Many find the peace and quiet they crave whilst others benefit from a new form of expression.

Angus McLean was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He struggled to return to civilian life after being deployed in Germany, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Cyprus with the Royal Scots.

Now, a new-found love for arts and crafts has seen his design published on Help for Heroes hoodies.

“It takes you out of your own world you’re normally in, inspires you to do other things and boosts your confidence," he said.

Mr McLean is one of four taking their art to the next level, seeing their work printed on clothing and towels in the charity catalogue.

Veterans Nick Martin and Angus Mclean with their Creative Force tshirts CREDITO Royal British Legion
Nick Martin (left) and Angus McLean (right) have seen their designs printed on the latest Help for Heroes range (Picture: Help for Heroes).

Nick Martin saw action in the Falklands Campaign and was on the Atlantic Conveyor when she was hit, suffering from PTSD since.

“Drawing and sketching take me away from bad thoughts and bad places, leaving me with a sense of calm and serenity,” says Nick.

He now sells his artwork, donating all of the proceeds to Help for Heroes, whilst his work is featured on women’s clothing and tea towels.

Designs are available online on the Creative Force webpage.

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