Veteran's Documentary Nominated For National Award

“The story doesn’t end on the battlefield. Soldiers aren’t broken by service – far from it," says Aaron Sayers.

A veteran of the Royal Green Jackets has been nominated for a National Film Award, although he faces tough competition from the likes of David Attenborough's 'Dynasties' and the BBC's 'Bros: After the Screaming Stops'.

Aaron Sayers' first feature-length film 'Chosen Men' explores the difficulties veterans face when they transition back into civilian life. 

Using his own military insight to write and direct the documentary, the soldier-turned-filmmaker explores the changing identities of the modern day soldier.

Chosen Men
Aaron Sayers is a veteran of the Royal Green Jackets (Picture: Eden Gate).

With an estimated 4.8 million veterans living in the UK, Mr Sayer is passionate about getting their voice heard:

"The best thing about being nominated for this award is it will hopefully help get the film out there, so more people will know about it.

"It will raise awareness of the film, so more people will see it and they will get to hear that veterans voice."

Mr Sayer's unprecedented access takes the audience on a journey spanning more than 10 years, as veterans who served together on the front line reflect on their service as Riflemen.

'Chosen Men' gives first-hand insight into the difficulties soldiers face when their military career ends.

“This is a platform for the veterans to have a voice and have a say,” Aaron said.

“What I really want to now happen is for that voice to be heard and for these stories to be heard of what happens once a soldier leaves.

“The story doesn’t end on the battlefield. Soldiers aren’t broken by service – far from it.

"They go on to have very successful careers. It’s that aspect of transition that’s difficult and that’s where there needs to be more work.”